Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Plane - A Sequel - Chapter 2

She turned a little away from him then, trying to hide her reaction to his words and what she had just done. He turned her back and took one of her breasts in his mouth. He bit softly and she gasped, the pain just right for the pressure he provided. He took her hands and put them above her head, his strong hands able to hold her wrists together even as she struggled to free them. His tongue continued to lick her breasts while he held her hands tightly above. He used his other hand to mimic the motions he had just seen her do. He teased her open for him, penetrating her folds and into her warmth, but never touching what would drive her over. She writhed on the bed, her desire rising again, trying to get him to touch her clit, to bring her off.

Jon watched her moving to his hand motions, knowing what she wanted, but not providing it. He started talking to her then, whispering in her ear.

“Feel my fingers inside you. You’re so fuckin’ wet. That’s it, move against me. Want it harder, baby? Want more than this? You want a cock inside you, I can tell. This isn’t enough, is it? Then you have to come for me again. You know you can, I can feel you getting tighter and tighter. It’s gonna happen, you can’t stop it, you don’t want to.”

His words and his voice were driving her insane with need. She moved her hips in earnest now as she sought the release he was teasing her with. His fingers seemed to know instinctively what she needed and as she strained against his hand holding her wrists, enjoying the sensation of being held down and forced to come, he hit a certain spot with his thumb and that was it, she thrust herself against his hand, low sounds coming from her throat, moans mixed with gasps as he continued the movement of his fingers, feeling her moisture flow as her orgasm clamped her walls around the fingers he had inside.

“That’s two.”

She twisted her hands suddenly and broke his grip. Sitting up, she grabbed his hair, forcing his face to hers. He kissed her like she wanted him to, but even then he plunged into her mouth, making her breath rasp and bruising her lips with his. She could feel her lips swelling from the pressure of his and she released his hair to rake her nails over his chest, lingering at the nipples she unerringly located. He held her to his chest, letting her think she was back in control, when in truth he hadn’t even started yet.

Jon grabbed her hair then to pull her away from his chest. She strained against him, but he tightened his grip. She gave a little mewl of pain mixed with lust as she realized he wasn’t going to let her lead. She reached for his pants, she wanted to see him, but he again pulled her away from him. He turned her in his arms and bent her over the bed. Bracing her so she was held firmly, she heard him undo his pants and when he let go of her hair to put on a condom, she took the moment to twist. She immediately stopped when a hard slap again played against her ass.

“Bend over…NOW!” His voice demanded her compliance. She felt a moment of fear then.

“Don’t…” she started, then stopped hearing his soft chuckle.

His hand entered her pussy again, a thrust that brought her head up. “I want this, baby, don’t worry.” He continued to play with her and she rocked backwards to gain more contact. She could feel his cock hitting against her and she wanted to see it, but he wouldn’t let her turn.

“Oh no, you only get to feel it right now. Come for me again and I’ll consider showing you. You gonna come again, baby? When you feel me inside, all the way? You gonna let me feel you squeeze my dick as you come around me?” All the while he talked to her this way his hand was playing with her, causing an ache to build again. She felt his hands on her hips and she braced herself in anticipation. God, she wanted this so badly. He could feel her straining to have him inside, but he wouldn’t enter her yet. He brushed the head of his shaft against the juncture of her thighs, but didn’t enter.

He heard her growl of frustration. “God dammit, Jon!” He smacked her again. Her answering gasp was enough and before the sting of his hand had lessened, he thrust inside her so swiftly and so abruptly that she froze, the sensation of his entire shaft inside her causing a sensory overload. He held himself inside her, not moving, pulling her hips to his front, allowing her no movement. She tried wiggling, he stopped it. She tried pulling forward, he held her back. Her frustration was building and the ache she felt was starting to become pain. Just when she felt she would scream from her growing need, he pulled out to the end and thrust again. This time she did scream. He did it again and he felt her walls tightening. She was close, he knew it. He thrust again, smacking himself against her with almost brutal strength, as her walls enclosed him and then it happened. Her voice was hoarse as she cried out her release, the orgasm exploding through her, pushing herself back onto his shaft, needing more. He continued to ride out her explosive burst of sensation until she collapsed onto her forearms on the bed.

Jon pulled out of her then, his own shaft still rock hard. As she lay gasping on the bed, he went to he bathroom, removed the condom, and washed quickly. He turned to see she had turned onto her back, her breasts heaving, her thighs still scissoring from the sensations that hadn’t stopped yet. As he walked back, she heard him and her eyes went immediately to his shaft. Her green eyes widened as she saw the up thrust male member in front of her and then she saw his smile. It was warm, but remained full of lust and longing.

She made to reach for him, but he held out a hand for her to stay where she was. She tried speaking.

“I want…” but he stopped her. Taking himself in his hand, he started stroking his length, moving in a practiced motion that dried out her mouth and made wetness again flow between her legs.

“Oh, I know what you want. You want me inside you again. Not yet, baby, no, you can’t have this yet.” He matched his motions with his words and she knew she had to taste him. He had to let her take him in her mouth. She moved off the bed and stalked toward him. His eyes followed her and he saw the need in her eyes. He nodded at her and she lowered herself gracefully to the floor. Still watching him play with his cock, she reached out with only her tongue, touching the end of him. He moved his hand to allow her to play and she reached out with her hands to cup his sac, rolling and stroking the tightening area. Standing with his legs spread, he touched her head lightly and held onto her hair, exerting control but not pressure.

Exploring the glorious toy she held, she breathed in the scent of male musk. She concentrated first on his testes, ignoring the straining cock above them, using tongue and teeth and lips until he was drawn up tight as his own pressure built. She turned then to the shaft that bobbed in front of her. With a smile and a deep sense of satisfaction, she took his entire length inside her mouth in one swift motion. His gasp and moan was deeply satisfying to her and she continued to use every motion of tongue and lips she could think of to elicit that groan again.

Jon felt her licking every inch of his shaft, her hand stroking his balls, and could feel the pressure building. Using her hair to pull her off him, he shook his head at her. His voice was growing more hoarse as their play progressed.

“Not yet…oh no…I want more…you aren’t ready yet, baby.” And with that he drew her up from the floor and within what seemed a split second she was on the bed, on her back, and his head was dipping downward. She tried to move away for a moment, but his hands, so strong and rough, gripped her hips, holding her in place. She moved her hands to his head, to pull him away and he raised his eyes to hers.

He growled at her, eyes blazing. “Don’t fucking move.” She froze, mesmerized by those eyes that seemed to have seen into her deepest, darkest desires. He lowered his head again after seeing her compliance and she felt the lightest of touches begin on her inner thigh as Jon worked from one to the other, nipping, licking, biting just a bit, just until he heard a gasp from her. She tried to hold herself still as he had demanded, but with every breath of his that touched her skin she felt her need rise again.

With trembling thighs and aching muscles, she felt Jon move closer to her center. A tip of a tongue on her clit made her jump and moan.

“Hold still, baby, or I’m gonna stop.” His voice was a steel whisper.

She concentrated on holding herself still, letting him lead her to the edge of whatever cliff he chose. The touches of his tongue became bolder as she continued to comply and she felt a scream building in her throat when he took her clit in his mouth and began a sucking licking motion that built the heat inside her into an inferno. Her hands clasped the sheets as she struggled to hold back the rising tide inside her. His grip on her thighs was approaching pain as he forced her over the cliff’s edge and she screamed as once again her body exploded in orgasm. Jon softened his motions as she rode out her pleasure, but didn’t stop. He continued his teasing exploration, turning one orgasm into the beginning of another. When he felt her hips arch and saw her head tossing back and forth he knew the time had come.

A second condom was ready for use and he made sure to keep her on the edge with nuzzles and small licks as he readied himself. Her body was finely tuned to his hands and his mouth now and when he spread her knees in preparation, he again slammed into her in one fierce thrust, a thrust that she met with her own. Bracing himself above her, arms locked, thighs tight, her legs moved to lock around his ass. He moved inside her, driving them harder and harder to the bliss they were seeking. Lost in the feel of the man inside her, she could only feel her senses rising, a tingling again moving through her body.

Jon continued to thrust inside her, pushing his cock to the full limits of her depths. He pulled out to the edge and then slammed home again, feeling his own orgasm rushing to break. Sweat was dripping from his hair and his body was slick with it. He had drawn this out as long as he could and now he was going to go inside her as she came with him. With his breath ragged he again commanded her.

“Touch yourself…now!” Barely able to think, she moved her hand to herself and touched her own clit. Jon felt her walls tighten at the increased sensation and as she started to shudder in the beginning throes of her orgasm, he continued to drive himself into her as he watched her play. She suddenly arched, moaning, clamping herself tightly around his shaft and he felt his own explosion. He came inside her for what seemed like minutes, his shaft never losing its hardness as he continued to push through the waves that flowed through him. He collapsed over her, holding her in his arms, their breathing ragged as they sought the memory of how it felt to think.

Whispering again in her ear, she heard his husky voice.

“That’s one.”

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Plane - A Sequel - Chapter 1

Samantha stood there, frozen in shock, as she heard the chain on the door slide home. Movement seemed like a remembered dream, something she had once known how to do. The scent of Jon reached her before he did and she shuddered, her arousal at such a keen level she felt as if her senses had overtaken her thought process.

That smell, the plane, it was him. He read my story. How else could he have said that to me a moment ago?

Jon watched her closely, saw comprehension dawn in her eyes and then saw them dilate as her body responded to him and to the situation. His cock had been hard since the plane and as she had done, he had taken the edge off. He knew that he would last for a while now and he moved toward her. He grabbed her open shirt, pulling her a bit roughly toward him. Her breath was coming in small gasps now as she saw that he was going to do what she had written. Holding her pressed against his chest he whispered in her ear.

“I know what you did on the plane. In the bathroom. Were you thinking about me? Were you imaging me inside you?”

She shuddered against him, wantonness warring with embarrassment, as he continued.

“I did the same thing. I went into the bathroom and took this out…” He moved her hand to the large bulge in the front of his pants. “I stroked myself over and over and thought about you, thought where this was going to be tonight.”

In one swift motion, he pulled her shirt off and undid the front of her bra. He used it to tie her hands behind her back and every cell of her skin tingled. He pushed her toward the bed, his implied roughness adding the spice she craved.

“This is your only chance to say no. If you don’t, if you don’t stop me now, you are going to take everything I can give you and you’re going to beg for more.” He looked at her, giving her an out if she wanted it. He was offering adult consensual sex and letting her know that even though he was going to fuck her, she had the chance right now to be in control.

“Do you want me to stop?” His voice was thick with lust and she shook her head ‘no’. Her body was so on fire that she knew she would explode into a million pieces if she didn’t have him.

“Lie on your stomach.” His voice commanded. She did so and he raised her hips with his hands, undoing her skirt, leaving her wisp of underwear on. He grabbed her panties and moved them in a sliding motion, giving her just a little, but not nearly enough. He tore them off her then, the friction delicious against her overheated flesh. He was still dressed and in her mind she saw the picture of the two of them. His hands cupped her breasts, teasing the tips until her nipples were rock hard. She tried to lower her ass, the exposure too much all of a sudden, but he stopped her by grabbing her hair.

“Too late, I saw and I’m gonna see more. Right now.” And with that he plunged his fingers inside her, thrusting them back and forth, allowing his thumb to hit her clit as he did so. He used his other hand to hold her hair firmly, arching her back against his hand.

“Remember, you’re gonna lose. But fight all you want, I don’t mind.” He accompanied his words with strokes from his hand. She began to thrust back against him then, needing release, but he seemed to sense she was close and he suddenly stopped and removed his hand. She lay there gasping, unbelieving, tingling and so close to coming that she moved herself to the bed to get some sort of pressure against herself.

Jon saw what she was doing, but he wasn’t going to allow it. He brought his hand down on her ass in a hard tingling slap and heard her grunt of pleasure and pain.

“You aren’t writing this story, baby, it’s my story now.” He untied her hands, but kept his grip on her hair. Turning her over he used her hair to gently propel her to the edge of the bed.

“Take my shirt off.” She moved trembling hands to the front of his shirt and started undoing the buttons. She slid his shirt off as he changed hands in her hair to allow her to remove it. He was deeply furred and there was a mix of silver in the dark hair on his chest. He moved her head to one of his nipples and she eagerly licked it, the scent of him stronger now, overloading her already inflamed senses. She breathed him in deeply and ran her hands down the muscles of his stomach, but he stopped her before she reached his pants.

“Not yet. I’m gonna watch you first. You’re gonna come at least twice before you even get close to that.” He moved her closer to the bed again and pushed her onto her back.

“Show me what you did, on the plane, in the bathroom. Show me how you made yourself come.” She shook her head ‘no’ at him and he stood over her, determination on his face. He stroked himself through his pants and her eyes followed his every movement. Her hips arched slightly, unconsciously, but he noticed.

“No way. Touch yourself. Show me what you did. I want to watch you come and you’re going to because you know I’m watching.”

She watched his eyes darken, the blue turning to what almost seemed a midnight color as his own arousal rose. He looked at her, still dressed in his pants in direct contrast to her own nakedness. His hand on his cock, moving, promising, was what threw her reservations away. Looking into his eyes, she moved her hand to her stomach, slowly dropping it lower as his eyes followed her every motion.

She slipped a finger down to her wetness, starting to stroke herself as he watched her. His hand continued its own motions and she watched him. Her breath was coming faster and faster and he stopped for a moment to see her pleasure herself. Her thighs began to tremble and her breasts swelled. She arched and moved her hand more rapidly as a full-blown orgasm screamed through her body. She heard his voice, the huskiness of it.

“That’s one.”

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Plane - Chapter 4

Samantha watched the man beside her with her peripheral vision. She saw him finish his drinks and then settle back, head down, face out of sight, as if he was preparing to sleep for the final hour of the flight. Soon she heard his breathing deepen again and watched as he seemed to fall back to sleep.


Jon was not sleeping. In fact, he had never been more awake in his life. He faked sleep for at least ten minutes and then slowly moved his hand to his once again growing erection. He placed his hand over himself and waited.


· Oh my fucking god! He’s asleep but his hand is over his cock and he’s rubbing himself in his sleep! My tits are so hard and my clit is throbbing. Jesus! I need to be fucked! I can’t stop myself from looking. His hand is cupping his own cock and he’s pressing down just a little. I want him in me, in my mouth, in my pussy, in me so far I can’t stop coming!

Samantha was seriously aching at this point and decided to use it in her story.

Jon then ripped the underwear from her, abrading her skin as he did so, holding her hands behind her even though she was tied by her own bra. He pushed her firmly onto the bed, and stood over her. She was naked and he was fully dressed, an image that only fueled her own fantasies. He moved his hands to her breasts, pushing them together and pulling the nipples as she moved and squirmed beneath her. She wanted this, but she wasn’t going to make it easy for him. He sensed her sudden change of mood and grasping her hair, pulling her neck back in an arch, he spoke. “Don’t fight this. You’re going to lose.” He then without warning plunged his fingers inside her and she screamed with the intensity of it. He moved his hand back and forth, holding her in an arched position, as she fought not to come, not to respond. He refused to allow that and lower his head to one of her nipples; he bit her then, the pain causing her to come in a hard intense series of spasms, clamped around his fingers. “That’s one.” His voice was a warm liquid heat.

· Shit! I did it. I felt that ass as he passed by. It’s as tight and as hard as I thought it would be. I want to wrap my legs around it and have him inside me over and over again until I can’t stand.

Samantha heard the announcement that they would be landing in Los Angeles within twenty minutes and that all trays, electronics, seatbelts, blah, blah, blah should be stowed. She managed one more entry.

· Tonight at the hotel, I am going to come so many times I won’t be able to think the next day. I’m going to take this man’s scent with me and use it, over and over again.


Jon pretended to wake at the announcement about the imminent landing and getting himself more upright he saw the woman put her laptop away. He still avoided any type of eye contact whatsoever and even pulled his cap down further to hide his face. He was going to have her…soon.


The flight landed and Samantha grabbed a cab from the line, telling the driver “The Hilton” as she did so. Jon was right behind her and his “follow that cab” elicited a grin from the driver. His cab pulled up behind hers and he exited. He took off his jacket before entering though as he didn’t want her to associate him with the man on the plane. He moved behind her, hearing her room number, and then checking in himself, requesting the same floor. He went to his room, taking a quick shower, and then putting his room key in his pocket, he went to her door. He knocked…the door was partially opened.

The woman inside peered around the side of the door as she had already started to get undressed. Jon entered the room before she had a chance to do more than stare.

He spoke to her.

“You know why I’m here, but you don’t know what I’m going to do with you. You don’t know how many ways I’m going to fuck you and you don’t know how many times you’re gonna come.”

He closed the door, locked it and slid the chain.

THE END...for now.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Plane - Chapter 3

· When I get to the room I’m going to have to take care of myself again. It’s too much sitting here next to the scent of this man. The bathroom of this plane was not enough, even doing it again won’t be enough. I want a man inside me, thrusting until I scream.

In a voice that was hoarse but still somehow cool with control, Jon spoke to her. “You know why I’m here, but you don’t know what I’m going to do with you. You don’t know how many ways I’m going to fuck you and you don’t know how many times you’re gonna come.” She continued to back away from him, but he stopped her by reaching out and grabbing her skirt front. He jerked her towards him until her breasts hit his chest and he moved one hand to the front of her bra. He unclasped it and quicker than she knew, had her hands tied behind her, using her bra as if it were a length of rope.


Jon’s cock was twitching so much inside his jeans that he knew he was going to have take the edge off. Knew he was going to have to do what the woman had done. Pretending to stir awake, he shifted in his seat and raised his head. He saw her quickly close the lid to her laptop as she noticed his shifting. Getting up from the seat, he made sure he kept his head turned from her. He didn’t want her to see who he was. He went into the bathroom and dropped his pants, his hand grasping his throbbing cock, thinking about what he had read and about the scent of the woman next to him on the plane. He stroked himself with practiced ease, bracing a hand against the wall, grabbing some paper as he exploded quicker than he thought he would. His orgasm had him gasping and he continued to stroke himself, knowing this would not be enough. He would be buried inside her before the night was through.


Samantha watched the man stir next to her, coming awake. She closed her laptop so fast she was afraid she might lose her last thoughts, but the automatic save function worked. She brought up the story as the man went into the bathroom and again talked to herself.

· Jesus Christ! What an ass! He walked in front of me to go to the bathroom and I could barely contain myself as he passed. I think when he comes back I’m going to somehow touch it. Somehow feel what that amazing ass is like.

Again closing her laptop most of the way, Samantha raised herself from her seat a bit as the man returned, still not seeing his face as he presented his back towards her. She reached out when he passed, managing to touch the amazing ass that was close to her without it seeming like she meant to do it.

“Oh, excuse me.” She said softly.

“No problem.” The man answered, still presenting his backside to her. Samantha thought she could spend days just running her hand over the tight rear of the man in front of her and felt remorse when he settled himself into his seat. The flight attendant came over then and she heard him order a double Jack on the rocks. The drink was brought and the man downed it in a swift two-swallow gulp, requesting a second drink quickly. He had again turned himself toward the window, but as the shade was down she had no chance to even catch the reflection of his face.

The flight attendant brought the man his drink and she again ordered a double Bloody Mary. She felt wild and reckless tonight and wanted the alcohol flowing through her system. She received her drink, the man ordered a third, and she asked for a fourth.

“Damn! Every drink makes me want this guy more! How can someone smell so fucking good?”

An announcement came over the PA that they were an hour from Los Angeles and she thought about her story. She wanted to return to it. Turning her computer so it was away from his angle of sight, she brought up her report and the story, so she could switch from one screen to another in the blink of an eye if needed.

With her hands tied behind by her bra, Samantha felt her pussy flood with moisture as she realized that all her dreams were about to come true. The man in her room was going to take control and she wanted him too, so badly. “Lie on the bed.” His voice was commanding. She complied, lying on her back. “Turn over,” was the next command and she moved and felt him undo her skirt, sliding it over her hips. The wisp of underwear she wore was damp with her moisture and he moved it back and forth between her legs, aggravating the ache she already felt.


Jon continued to read what she was writing, even though she had turned her computer, as he needed to see what she had to say. The self-pleasuring he had done in the bathroom had only taken off the edge of his hunger and he planned to be buried deep inside her within the next two hours. He only hoped he could wait that long.

A thought occurred to him them and he downed his drink and then settled himself back as if he was going to sleep again.