Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Plane - Chapter 2

Jon had been slouching away from the woman sitting in the seat next to him until he got annoyed at the clicking of the keys of her computer. Turning in his seat, he was about to say something until he realized he was able to read what she was writing. Turning even further, pretending to be deeply asleep, he felt himself stiffen in his pants at what he was reading. He had smelled her too as he sat next to her and her perfume was slowly being overwhelmed by the musk of her arousal. Reading the last paragraph before she returned, he knew she had gone into the bathroom for one specific reason and his cock grew in direction proportion to his imagination as to what she was doing right this second.


Samantha returned to her seat, feeling only a little relief from her recent activity. She still needed a man. Seeing that the man next to her was still sleeping deeply, she returned to her laptop.

Jon gave the woman a few moments to take the elevator to her room. He knew where she was, he could wait. It would only prolong the pleasure. He dropped his bag in his room and slipping his key into his jacket pocket, moved to her door. He knocked and waited. She partially opened the door as she was mostly undressed and he moved inside before she could think to react. Her gasp was audible. She knew why he was there.

· Ok, he’s still sleeping, but holy god his pants seem bigger. What IS he dreaming about? What would he taste like? Something like that would fill my entire mouth, but it would be so good. I would run my tongue from the base to the tip and then take the whole shaft inside to lick. Would he have that clean musky male smell I adore? Shit! Did I pack condoms? Yeah, okay, remembered, I did.

She backed up as he moved toward her. The eyes she knew so well from a thousand photos and not a few concerts were blazing at her. How had he known she would let him in? How did he know that he could have anything from her? Her hands crossed her breasts, still in a bra, as she attempted to regain some semblance of control. Slowing shaking his head, Jon gave her a look and she knew that control, if there was any to be had, was going to be his tonight.

Pausing in her story, Samantha shifted a bit restlessly in her seat. She kept sneaking looks at the man next to her, but for some reason she never looked at his face. She didn’t want to know who he was or what he really looked like. It would stop her fantasy, stop her thoughts.

· I can see his arms, the thick muscles there and the hair protruding from his shirt. Not his face though, I don’t want to know who he is. I want him to be the fantasy I’m having now. He can be old or young, but I know he’s not old. He can be good looking or rough, but just watching those arms and…oh god! His cock just twitched in his jeans! Can he hear my breathing? That gasp I just took? No…still sleeping.

Jon turned to lock the door to the room, throwing the bolt and stringing the chain. She gasped then, knowing what he was doing, making it harder for her to escape. She didn’t want to escape. She had been thinking of having a man inside her for hours, if not weeks, the last so long ago she had trouble remembering what he looked like. A casual business associate whom after too many drinks had seemed appealing. What a joke! He was not what she needed, too willing to let her lead, no imagination. Somehow she knew Jon would not be that way. He would want control.

· I just can’t stop looking at this man’s pants. He’s full and thick under his jeans and I don’t think he has underwear on. His cock is too well defined. Too up thrust. His smell is making me crazy. Every breath I take fills me with his scent. Every breath of his scent is making me wetter and ache more.

The flight attendant stopped by then and Samantha turned her laptop as she answered the woman’s question about something to drink. She ordered a double Bloody Mary with extra lime and waited for the attendant to return. She drank half the drink down in the first minute, trying unsuccessfully to cool the fire that was raging inside her. Before the attendant left, she ordered another double and then turned back to her keyboard. The attendant had not asked the man next to her and that renewed her confidence that he was deeply asleep.


As he read what the woman was writing, Jon was starting to have some serious dick problems. He knew that he wanted her and that somehow he was going to have her tonight. She was staying at the Hilton and he would follow her in a cab and would use the corny line of “follow that cab”. He also would stay on the same floor as her and would manage to overhear what room she was in. He would also knock on her door. His dick twitched again as he thought of how she wanted someone to take control. He knew how to do that.


Romaine said...

I like your new story!! Can't wait for the next part!

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Oh, how I love these naughty stories! I'm hooked already.

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Oh dear God...
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I'm checking back all the time to see if there are new chapters up! ;) No pressure or anything!

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I really love your new story! It's so refreshing!