Monday, August 4, 2008

The Plane - Chapter 3

· When I get to the room I’m going to have to take care of myself again. It’s too much sitting here next to the scent of this man. The bathroom of this plane was not enough, even doing it again won’t be enough. I want a man inside me, thrusting until I scream.

In a voice that was hoarse but still somehow cool with control, Jon spoke to her. “You know why I’m here, but you don’t know what I’m going to do with you. You don’t know how many ways I’m going to fuck you and you don’t know how many times you’re gonna come.” She continued to back away from him, but he stopped her by reaching out and grabbing her skirt front. He jerked her towards him until her breasts hit his chest and he moved one hand to the front of her bra. He unclasped it and quicker than she knew, had her hands tied behind her, using her bra as if it were a length of rope.


Jon’s cock was twitching so much inside his jeans that he knew he was going to have take the edge off. Knew he was going to have to do what the woman had done. Pretending to stir awake, he shifted in his seat and raised his head. He saw her quickly close the lid to her laptop as she noticed his shifting. Getting up from the seat, he made sure he kept his head turned from her. He didn’t want her to see who he was. He went into the bathroom and dropped his pants, his hand grasping his throbbing cock, thinking about what he had read and about the scent of the woman next to him on the plane. He stroked himself with practiced ease, bracing a hand against the wall, grabbing some paper as he exploded quicker than he thought he would. His orgasm had him gasping and he continued to stroke himself, knowing this would not be enough. He would be buried inside her before the night was through.


Samantha watched the man stir next to her, coming awake. She closed her laptop so fast she was afraid she might lose her last thoughts, but the automatic save function worked. She brought up the story as the man went into the bathroom and again talked to herself.

· Jesus Christ! What an ass! He walked in front of me to go to the bathroom and I could barely contain myself as he passed. I think when he comes back I’m going to somehow touch it. Somehow feel what that amazing ass is like.

Again closing her laptop most of the way, Samantha raised herself from her seat a bit as the man returned, still not seeing his face as he presented his back towards her. She reached out when he passed, managing to touch the amazing ass that was close to her without it seeming like she meant to do it.

“Oh, excuse me.” She said softly.

“No problem.” The man answered, still presenting his backside to her. Samantha thought she could spend days just running her hand over the tight rear of the man in front of her and felt remorse when he settled himself into his seat. The flight attendant came over then and she heard him order a double Jack on the rocks. The drink was brought and the man downed it in a swift two-swallow gulp, requesting a second drink quickly. He had again turned himself toward the window, but as the shade was down she had no chance to even catch the reflection of his face.

The flight attendant brought the man his drink and she again ordered a double Bloody Mary. She felt wild and reckless tonight and wanted the alcohol flowing through her system. She received her drink, the man ordered a third, and she asked for a fourth.

“Damn! Every drink makes me want this guy more! How can someone smell so fucking good?”

An announcement came over the PA that they were an hour from Los Angeles and she thought about her story. She wanted to return to it. Turning her computer so it was away from his angle of sight, she brought up her report and the story, so she could switch from one screen to another in the blink of an eye if needed.

With her hands tied behind by her bra, Samantha felt her pussy flood with moisture as she realized that all her dreams were about to come true. The man in her room was going to take control and she wanted him too, so badly. “Lie on the bed.” His voice was commanding. She complied, lying on her back. “Turn over,” was the next command and she moved and felt him undo her skirt, sliding it over her hips. The wisp of underwear she wore was damp with her moisture and he moved it back and forth between her legs, aggravating the ache she already felt.


Jon continued to read what she was writing, even though she had turned her computer, as he needed to see what she had to say. The self-pleasuring he had done in the bathroom had only taken off the edge of his hunger and he planned to be buried deep inside her within the next two hours. He only hoped he could wait that long.

A thought occurred to him them and he downed his drink and then settled himself back as if he was going to sleep again.


Daydreamer- said...

Can't wait to see what he has in mind...

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Ummmm - I think I'll take that drink now.