Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Plane - A Sequel - Chapter 2

She turned a little away from him then, trying to hide her reaction to his words and what she had just done. He turned her back and took one of her breasts in his mouth. He bit softly and she gasped, the pain just right for the pressure he provided. He took her hands and put them above her head, his strong hands able to hold her wrists together even as she struggled to free them. His tongue continued to lick her breasts while he held her hands tightly above. He used his other hand to mimic the motions he had just seen her do. He teased her open for him, penetrating her folds and into her warmth, but never touching what would drive her over. She writhed on the bed, her desire rising again, trying to get him to touch her clit, to bring her off.

Jon watched her moving to his hand motions, knowing what she wanted, but not providing it. He started talking to her then, whispering in her ear.

“Feel my fingers inside you. You’re so fuckin’ wet. That’s it, move against me. Want it harder, baby? Want more than this? You want a cock inside you, I can tell. This isn’t enough, is it? Then you have to come for me again. You know you can, I can feel you getting tighter and tighter. It’s gonna happen, you can’t stop it, you don’t want to.”

His words and his voice were driving her insane with need. She moved her hips in earnest now as she sought the release he was teasing her with. His fingers seemed to know instinctively what she needed and as she strained against his hand holding her wrists, enjoying the sensation of being held down and forced to come, he hit a certain spot with his thumb and that was it, she thrust herself against his hand, low sounds coming from her throat, moans mixed with gasps as he continued the movement of his fingers, feeling her moisture flow as her orgasm clamped her walls around the fingers he had inside.

“That’s two.”

She twisted her hands suddenly and broke his grip. Sitting up, she grabbed his hair, forcing his face to hers. He kissed her like she wanted him to, but even then he plunged into her mouth, making her breath rasp and bruising her lips with his. She could feel her lips swelling from the pressure of his and she released his hair to rake her nails over his chest, lingering at the nipples she unerringly located. He held her to his chest, letting her think she was back in control, when in truth he hadn’t even started yet.

Jon grabbed her hair then to pull her away from his chest. She strained against him, but he tightened his grip. She gave a little mewl of pain mixed with lust as she realized he wasn’t going to let her lead. She reached for his pants, she wanted to see him, but he again pulled her away from him. He turned her in his arms and bent her over the bed. Bracing her so she was held firmly, she heard him undo his pants and when he let go of her hair to put on a condom, she took the moment to twist. She immediately stopped when a hard slap again played against her ass.

“Bend over…NOW!” His voice demanded her compliance. She felt a moment of fear then.

“Don’t…” she started, then stopped hearing his soft chuckle.

His hand entered her pussy again, a thrust that brought her head up. “I want this, baby, don’t worry.” He continued to play with her and she rocked backwards to gain more contact. She could feel his cock hitting against her and she wanted to see it, but he wouldn’t let her turn.

“Oh no, you only get to feel it right now. Come for me again and I’ll consider showing you. You gonna come again, baby? When you feel me inside, all the way? You gonna let me feel you squeeze my dick as you come around me?” All the while he talked to her this way his hand was playing with her, causing an ache to build again. She felt his hands on her hips and she braced herself in anticipation. God, she wanted this so badly. He could feel her straining to have him inside, but he wouldn’t enter her yet. He brushed the head of his shaft against the juncture of her thighs, but didn’t enter.

He heard her growl of frustration. “God dammit, Jon!” He smacked her again. Her answering gasp was enough and before the sting of his hand had lessened, he thrust inside her so swiftly and so abruptly that she froze, the sensation of his entire shaft inside her causing a sensory overload. He held himself inside her, not moving, pulling her hips to his front, allowing her no movement. She tried wiggling, he stopped it. She tried pulling forward, he held her back. Her frustration was building and the ache she felt was starting to become pain. Just when she felt she would scream from her growing need, he pulled out to the end and thrust again. This time she did scream. He did it again and he felt her walls tightening. She was close, he knew it. He thrust again, smacking himself against her with almost brutal strength, as her walls enclosed him and then it happened. Her voice was hoarse as she cried out her release, the orgasm exploding through her, pushing herself back onto his shaft, needing more. He continued to ride out her explosive burst of sensation until she collapsed onto her forearms on the bed.

Jon pulled out of her then, his own shaft still rock hard. As she lay gasping on the bed, he went to he bathroom, removed the condom, and washed quickly. He turned to see she had turned onto her back, her breasts heaving, her thighs still scissoring from the sensations that hadn’t stopped yet. As he walked back, she heard him and her eyes went immediately to his shaft. Her green eyes widened as she saw the up thrust male member in front of her and then she saw his smile. It was warm, but remained full of lust and longing.

She made to reach for him, but he held out a hand for her to stay where she was. She tried speaking.

“I want…” but he stopped her. Taking himself in his hand, he started stroking his length, moving in a practiced motion that dried out her mouth and made wetness again flow between her legs.

“Oh, I know what you want. You want me inside you again. Not yet, baby, no, you can’t have this yet.” He matched his motions with his words and she knew she had to taste him. He had to let her take him in her mouth. She moved off the bed and stalked toward him. His eyes followed her and he saw the need in her eyes. He nodded at her and she lowered herself gracefully to the floor. Still watching him play with his cock, she reached out with only her tongue, touching the end of him. He moved his hand to allow her to play and she reached out with her hands to cup his sac, rolling and stroking the tightening area. Standing with his legs spread, he touched her head lightly and held onto her hair, exerting control but not pressure.

Exploring the glorious toy she held, she breathed in the scent of male musk. She concentrated first on his testes, ignoring the straining cock above them, using tongue and teeth and lips until he was drawn up tight as his own pressure built. She turned then to the shaft that bobbed in front of her. With a smile and a deep sense of satisfaction, she took his entire length inside her mouth in one swift motion. His gasp and moan was deeply satisfying to her and she continued to use every motion of tongue and lips she could think of to elicit that groan again.

Jon felt her licking every inch of his shaft, her hand stroking his balls, and could feel the pressure building. Using her hair to pull her off him, he shook his head at her. His voice was growing more hoarse as their play progressed.

“Not yet…oh no…I want more…you aren’t ready yet, baby.” And with that he drew her up from the floor and within what seemed a split second she was on the bed, on her back, and his head was dipping downward. She tried to move away for a moment, but his hands, so strong and rough, gripped her hips, holding her in place. She moved her hands to his head, to pull him away and he raised his eyes to hers.

He growled at her, eyes blazing. “Don’t fucking move.” She froze, mesmerized by those eyes that seemed to have seen into her deepest, darkest desires. He lowered his head again after seeing her compliance and she felt the lightest of touches begin on her inner thigh as Jon worked from one to the other, nipping, licking, biting just a bit, just until he heard a gasp from her. She tried to hold herself still as he had demanded, but with every breath of his that touched her skin she felt her need rise again.

With trembling thighs and aching muscles, she felt Jon move closer to her center. A tip of a tongue on her clit made her jump and moan.

“Hold still, baby, or I’m gonna stop.” His voice was a steel whisper.

She concentrated on holding herself still, letting him lead her to the edge of whatever cliff he chose. The touches of his tongue became bolder as she continued to comply and she felt a scream building in her throat when he took her clit in his mouth and began a sucking licking motion that built the heat inside her into an inferno. Her hands clasped the sheets as she struggled to hold back the rising tide inside her. His grip on her thighs was approaching pain as he forced her over the cliff’s edge and she screamed as once again her body exploded in orgasm. Jon softened his motions as she rode out her pleasure, but didn’t stop. He continued his teasing exploration, turning one orgasm into the beginning of another. When he felt her hips arch and saw her head tossing back and forth he knew the time had come.

A second condom was ready for use and he made sure to keep her on the edge with nuzzles and small licks as he readied himself. Her body was finely tuned to his hands and his mouth now and when he spread her knees in preparation, he again slammed into her in one fierce thrust, a thrust that she met with her own. Bracing himself above her, arms locked, thighs tight, her legs moved to lock around his ass. He moved inside her, driving them harder and harder to the bliss they were seeking. Lost in the feel of the man inside her, she could only feel her senses rising, a tingling again moving through her body.

Jon continued to thrust inside her, pushing his cock to the full limits of her depths. He pulled out to the edge and then slammed home again, feeling his own orgasm rushing to break. Sweat was dripping from his hair and his body was slick with it. He had drawn this out as long as he could and now he was going to go inside her as she came with him. With his breath ragged he again commanded her.

“Touch yourself…now!” Barely able to think, she moved her hand to herself and touched her own clit. Jon felt her walls tighten at the increased sensation and as she started to shudder in the beginning throes of her orgasm, he continued to drive himself into her as he watched her play. She suddenly arched, moaning, clamping herself tightly around his shaft and he felt his own explosion. He came inside her for what seemed like minutes, his shaft never losing its hardness as he continued to push through the waves that flowed through him. He collapsed over her, holding her in his arms, their breathing ragged as they sought the memory of how it felt to think.

Whispering again in her ear, she heard his husky voice.

“That’s one.”


Daydreamer- said...

Woohoo! This is the dirtiest story ever and I am LOVIN' it!!

lori said...

Really, really good! Keep 'em coming! No pun intended! LOL!

Kris said...

Any chance we get more? I mean, I'm sure that Jon can hold you at the edge for a while, but I think also his skills are limited...6 weeks?????? LOL