Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Plane - A Sequel - Chapter 1

Samantha stood there, frozen in shock, as she heard the chain on the door slide home. Movement seemed like a remembered dream, something she had once known how to do. The scent of Jon reached her before he did and she shuddered, her arousal at such a keen level she felt as if her senses had overtaken her thought process.

That smell, the plane, it was him. He read my story. How else could he have said that to me a moment ago?

Jon watched her closely, saw comprehension dawn in her eyes and then saw them dilate as her body responded to him and to the situation. His cock had been hard since the plane and as she had done, he had taken the edge off. He knew that he would last for a while now and he moved toward her. He grabbed her open shirt, pulling her a bit roughly toward him. Her breath was coming in small gasps now as she saw that he was going to do what she had written. Holding her pressed against his chest he whispered in her ear.

“I know what you did on the plane. In the bathroom. Were you thinking about me? Were you imaging me inside you?”

She shuddered against him, wantonness warring with embarrassment, as he continued.

“I did the same thing. I went into the bathroom and took this out…” He moved her hand to the large bulge in the front of his pants. “I stroked myself over and over and thought about you, thought where this was going to be tonight.”

In one swift motion, he pulled her shirt off and undid the front of her bra. He used it to tie her hands behind her back and every cell of her skin tingled. He pushed her toward the bed, his implied roughness adding the spice she craved.

“This is your only chance to say no. If you don’t, if you don’t stop me now, you are going to take everything I can give you and you’re going to beg for more.” He looked at her, giving her an out if she wanted it. He was offering adult consensual sex and letting her know that even though he was going to fuck her, she had the chance right now to be in control.

“Do you want me to stop?” His voice was thick with lust and she shook her head ‘no’. Her body was so on fire that she knew she would explode into a million pieces if she didn’t have him.

“Lie on your stomach.” His voice commanded. She did so and he raised her hips with his hands, undoing her skirt, leaving her wisp of underwear on. He grabbed her panties and moved them in a sliding motion, giving her just a little, but not nearly enough. He tore them off her then, the friction delicious against her overheated flesh. He was still dressed and in her mind she saw the picture of the two of them. His hands cupped her breasts, teasing the tips until her nipples were rock hard. She tried to lower her ass, the exposure too much all of a sudden, but he stopped her by grabbing her hair.

“Too late, I saw and I’m gonna see more. Right now.” And with that he plunged his fingers inside her, thrusting them back and forth, allowing his thumb to hit her clit as he did so. He used his other hand to hold her hair firmly, arching her back against his hand.

“Remember, you’re gonna lose. But fight all you want, I don’t mind.” He accompanied his words with strokes from his hand. She began to thrust back against him then, needing release, but he seemed to sense she was close and he suddenly stopped and removed his hand. She lay there gasping, unbelieving, tingling and so close to coming that she moved herself to the bed to get some sort of pressure against herself.

Jon saw what she was doing, but he wasn’t going to allow it. He brought his hand down on her ass in a hard tingling slap and heard her grunt of pleasure and pain.

“You aren’t writing this story, baby, it’s my story now.” He untied her hands, but kept his grip on her hair. Turning her over he used her hair to gently propel her to the edge of the bed.

“Take my shirt off.” She moved trembling hands to the front of his shirt and started undoing the buttons. She slid his shirt off as he changed hands in her hair to allow her to remove it. He was deeply furred and there was a mix of silver in the dark hair on his chest. He moved her head to one of his nipples and she eagerly licked it, the scent of him stronger now, overloading her already inflamed senses. She breathed him in deeply and ran her hands down the muscles of his stomach, but he stopped her before she reached his pants.

“Not yet. I’m gonna watch you first. You’re gonna come at least twice before you even get close to that.” He moved her closer to the bed again and pushed her onto her back.

“Show me what you did, on the plane, in the bathroom. Show me how you made yourself come.” She shook her head ‘no’ at him and he stood over her, determination on his face. He stroked himself through his pants and her eyes followed his every movement. Her hips arched slightly, unconsciously, but he noticed.

“No way. Touch yourself. Show me what you did. I want to watch you come and you’re going to because you know I’m watching.”

She watched his eyes darken, the blue turning to what almost seemed a midnight color as his own arousal rose. He looked at her, still dressed in his pants in direct contrast to her own nakedness. His hand on his cock, moving, promising, was what threw her reservations away. Looking into his eyes, she moved her hand to her stomach, slowly dropping it lower as his eyes followed her every motion.

She slipped a finger down to her wetness, starting to stroke herself as he watched her. His hand continued its own motions and she watched him. Her breath was coming faster and faster and he stopped for a moment to see her pleasure herself. Her thighs began to tremble and her breasts swelled. She arched and moved her hand more rapidly as a full-blown orgasm screamed through her body. She heard his voice, the huskiness of it.

“That’s one.”


Cindy said...

Yeahhhhhh. I am so glad I keep checking in on this. Glad you are starting the sequel now.

lilith said...

wow. congrats . this is the hottest of them all.
oh, what i love about this one is J's sex talk.

Daydreamer- said...

LOVE that last line. Thanks for writing more. Jon's a rock star by day and a porn star by night. :)

allina_90 said...

If it was first one, there'll be more soon, I guess?

Love reading this sequel! It's so hot!!!